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Young children and teenagers have higher exposure of germs through their day-to-day interactions with other students, which can be a high risk of sickness or illness if schools do not have a strict cleaning protocol in place. Las Vegas Janitorial Services’s cleaning professionals and janitors are experienced in understanding the best strategies, schedule, and procedures that will assure all of the high traffic areas in your school are thoroughly cleaned. Our professionals are diligent in delivering high-quality cleaning services that address critically unhygienic areas like water fountains, keyboards, cafeteria surfaces, library tables, and tables.

Clean, healthy schools for your students and staff
Las Vegas Janitorial Services’ highest priorities when cleaning a school are to keep students safe by performing their duties properly. To make sure that students and staffs are safe throughout their time on premise, we clean our equipment upon arrival and set about to safely conduct our cleaning procedures.  Schools often receive large amounts of foot traffic throughout the day, making the leaning facilities susceptible to the spreading of germs and bacteria. Las Vegas Janitorial Services’ cleaning professionals can deliver high-quality cleaning
services specific to the needs of schools to help them maintain a healthy and clean environment conducive to learning.

Cleaning away germs at school
In environments where children are within close contact with others during learning, playing, working and interacting, there is a higher risk of illness-causing germs to spread. Parents know this all too well. It’s essential for the well being of your school to use the correct disinfectants, without the use of corrosive chemicals or bleach, and cleaning equipment to minimize the spread of illness-causing germs. We pay careful attention to all of the high-traffic areas and high-touch surfaces that are often neglected. Our cleaning protocols assure that students and faculty always have a healthy and clean environment to learn.

APPEARANCE – Make an impression on parents
One of the first impressions that parents have when deciding on a school or childcare facility is the facility’s appearance. Las Vegas Janitorial Services’s school cleaning services can ensure that your school will leave the best impression on the parents of prospective students.
LEARNING – Clean up the classroom
Teachers and parents know how to look after young children or students after they have played, interacted or learned: but what about the sticky residues on surfaces, floors covered with dirt and restrooms that require attention? The top priority of students and children is to focus on their education and school work, that’s why you should leave the janitorial cleaning to Las Vegas Janitorial Services. Let Las Vegas Janitorial Services worry about providing high-quality cleaning services so that your students and teachers can maximize their focuses on what’s important.
GERM SPREAD – Take germs off the table
Childcare or education facilities are a welcoming place for the spread of germs and contagious illnesses. Without the proper cleaning protocols in places where there are close constant contact, the chances of illnesses spreading increase. Las Vegas Janitorial Services’s professionals will implement the highest quality of cleaning procedures to sterilize hot-spots for bacteria and germs that will go a long way towards minimizing the chances of viruses spreading from student to student.

Cleaning Education and Daycare Facilities
A healthy and safe environment for your students, children, and the staff is important. Las Vegas Janitorial Services provides clean environments for children. We incorporate the most Eco-friendly and high-grade cleaning solvents into our cleaning program. Our cleaning solutions are hydrogen peroxide-based and are some of the safest cleaners on the market. Our Las Vegas Janitorial Services cleaning professionals are held to very high standards of safety and have all passed background checLas Vegas NV to reinforce a safe environment for your school.
Our cleaning strategies are developed to be comprehensive, which includes the sanitizing of toys, water fountains, coolers, bathrooms, and kitchens. For school facilities, we also ensure that we disinfect germ hot spots, which include desktops, classroom tables, computers and other surfaces that are touched by many students. We will clean all the corners and crevices of your facility or daycare center, we are hard-working and don’t take shortcuts when it comes to children.

Las Vegas Janitorial Services can help you maintain a welcoming learning environment by creating a cleaner, healthier education facility or daycare. Our janitors will ensure that your students get a clean and disinfected learning environment.  We commonly use Green Cleaning solutions on areas and surfaces that come into direct contact with pupils, from sticky tables to floors to restroom sinLas Vegas NV .

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