Premier Weekly Housekeeping Services and cost In Las Vegas NV
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About our Weekly Housekeeping Services near Las Vegas NV: It’s obviously important to find a weekly housekeeping services company that provides a quality service and which is trustworthy. Las Vegas Janitorial Services provide a guaranteed quality cleaning with attention to detail. We at Las Vegas Janitorial Services offer you flawless weekly housekeeping services which will never trouble you in your regular daily life. Cost of Weekly Housekeeping Services

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We use microfiber cloths and mops and high filtration vacuums, etc. – the most advanced solutions for healthy buildings. This equipment removes a higher percentage of dirt and bacteria, and also requires less cleaning chemical usage at your home. Minimizing chemical usage improves indoor air quality and is healthier for you in general. Very important is to have a house not just looking clean, but truly being clean. Because illnesses are easily spread in the place if commonly touched surfaces are not being disinfected regularly. Our company provides the cleaning products upon request, but if you choose to use your own products or equipment because of allergic or other reasons, please let us know.

Some of the Premier weekly housekeeping services offered by Las Vegas Janitorial Services:

  • Room cleaning
  • Bedroom cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning and more.


Your home should be free from contaminants such as mold, bacteria, allergens, and pollutants. Cleaning the interior and exterior glass of entrance doors, carpet spot cleaning, vacuuming all carpeted areas, disinfecting and sanitizing sinks and countertops, cleaning mirrors and glass fixtures, dusting desks, chairs are a part of our routine duties. We offer various types of care for different types of floors, carpets. We use different cleaners extractors to fit the type and texture of your carpet and sweep floors with dust mops. Hire the professionals, contact Las Vegas Janitorial Services for the Premier weekly housekeeping services across the entire Las Vegas NV region.

Your family depends on you for its health. All we know that health is the most precious thing in our life. We will help to ensure you have a health care facility free from contaminants. Las Vegas Janitorial Services can offer you the lasting and quality professional cleaning service you expect. In addition, a cleaning team will disinfect your home with environmentally friendly products.

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