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Looking for Las Vegas janitorial services for gyms? Las Vegas Janitorial Services of Las Vegas is a perfect answer to your search. With good intentions in mind, we make our way to the gym with the aim to improve our health. However, gyms may not be as healthy as we once thought they were. Bursting to the brim with health enthusiasts, gym equipment can also be bursting full of dangerous germs if not cleaned effectively. Although exercise is essential for maintaining health, contact with these germs can leave us vulnerable to many health problems.

Las Vegas Janitorial Services provides optimum quality janitorial services for gyms in whole of Las Vegas. Whether you have a single gym or chain of them we can manage cleaning of all without compromising in standards.

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Based in the heart of Las Vegas, we service over 300 clients from various fields. Operating in the janitorial services sector for over decades years, Las Vegas Janitorial Services has built up a wealth of experience, scores of glowing testimonials, and an impressive customer retention rate.

To compliment this and to add value and convenience for our clients, we extended our portfolio to offer janitorial services for gyms with a wide range of complementary services. These include window cleaning, sourcing janitorial supplies at competitive rates, washroom services, and we can even supply and maintain your gym plants, and flower arrangements. This means that you can organise almost every service to keep your business sparkling clean through one single, cost-effective, and reliable point of contact.

Las Vegas Janitorial Services invest in the training of our cleaning staff and have an end to end monitoring system to ensure our high standards are being delivered to every client we service. Las Vegas Janitorial Services don’t tie you into any contracts as we believe our standard of janitorial services and customer service is more than enough to ensure a long lasting relationship.

Germs thrive in the warm, sweaty atmospheres, meaning that gyms make for an ideal breeding ground. Even more disturbing than the type of germs found in the gym is how long they can survive for – an incredible three days! It’s hard to find a bigger cleaning challenge than fitness and health clubs. Members are constantly leaving germs on exercise machines, lockers, restrooms, and showers. Though keeping a gym clean may seem like a tall order, having a thorough checklist can help you tackle gym cleaning efficiently.

  • Weights and Exercise Machines

The toughest challenge in a gym may be cleaning exercise equipment and weights                     throughout the day. Though most health clubs ask members to wipe down each machine after use, it doesn’t always happen and it’s unrealistic when the exercise area is particularly busy.

To avoid bacteria transfer throughout the day, our staff will make regular cleanings of touch points like free weights, treadmill controls, and machine handles and handlebars.

  • Restrooms

Restroom cleaning can be complicated in gyms. For customer health, cleaning systems must remove soils from toilets, sinks, stalls, and floors while minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. Las Vegas Janitorial Services will remove soils instead of dragging them from room to room with mops and rags. This system increases the cleanliness level in every room, making it safer for your customers and your employees. The last thing you want to your gym is to be known as the place to catch the flu.

  • Locker Rooms and Showers

Spray-and-vac cleaning systems do double duty in health club locker rooms and showers. Since locker rooms don’t always have sinks in the changing area, members often get changed straight from the exercise room, touching the lockers with their hands. Las Vegas Janitorial Services cleaners pass through the locker areas several times per day to remove the germs from these surfaces. Shower floors, handles, and curtains are another set of challenges. Though members emerge from the showers clean, everything they touch going into the shower has the potential to spread illness. Las Vegas Janitorial Services system is also effective in getting these shower areas spotless.


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