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About our Cleaning Service for Pet Owners near Las Vegas NV: If you are pet owner and looking for a cleaning service, call Las Vegas Janitorial Services. Staying on top of cleaning up after your pet is crucial, and also next to impossible; that’s why many pet owners hire a cleaning service like Las Vegas Janitorial Services. We also offer carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, maids service, deep cleaning and pet urine removal services. Best Apartment cleaning company for pet owners in Las Vegas NV. Cost of Cleaning Service for Pet Owners? Free estimates! Call today or schedule a Cleaning Service for Pet Owners online easily!



While many maid services and Apartment cleaning companies balk at the mere mention of pet fur or a litter box, we rejoice in it. We do it all; cat litter box cleaning, pet yard cleanup / pooper scooper services, pet odor removal and more.
 A Apartment that smells of a pet does not necessarily indicate bad Housekeeping on the home owner’s part.  Even the tidiest homemaker can have a stinky pet.  Since dogs and cats spend a lot of time laying and rolling around on the floor, their body odors permeate into the fibers.  Add to that the smell of pet accidents and well… things can get a bit gamey.
With Heaven’s Best arsenal of advanced pet friendly cleaning products and a dedicated team of cleaning experts, we have the tools to tackle any job, big or small.  Stains and odors are removed using an eco-friendly, water-based citrus cleaning solution and an organic deodorizer, ensuring a safe environment for you, your family, and your pets.

Pet Urine Removal Las Vegas Janitorial Services
With the increasing number of pets in American homes, damaged carpet from pet urine is increasingly common.  While pets are great to have, they do require taking some additional care for your carpets to maintain a healthy and bacteria free indoor environment.
Pet urine can cause permanent damage to your floors and fabrics.  When an animal urinates on the carpet it is critical to get the spot cleaned as soon as possible. Urine deposited on carpet does not stay there; it penetrates the fibers and contaminates both the backing of the carpet and the flooring material below the carpet.  Often, without your knowing, pets will urinate continually in the same general location.

It is much easier to remove the urine once it has been deposited as the urine is in an acid state.  Once the urine is allowed to dry it becomes alkaline and an array of damage begins to take place.  Your carpet is now the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to flourish almost immediately.  The acid in the urine will react with the carpet and can permanently discolor the carpet, especially if the urine is allowed to sit for days or weeks.

Urine, left untreated, will always give off unpleasant and offensive odors.  Urine odors can permeate from the floor whether from a cement slab, wood floor, the tack strips and even behind the walls.  This is caused by the bacteria growth that eventually melds into the carpet fibers and padding.  While the urine may have dried the salt and crystals from the urine remain in and under the carpet.  The slightest moisture, even humidity, will activate these elements making the odor more concentrated and pungent. The only way to get rid of the odor is to remove the urine salts in the carpet, in the backing of the carpet as well as the pad underneath.  In the very worst cases, the concrete slab will need to be disinfected and resealed.

How Las Vegas Janitorial Services works?

We will come out to your home and assess the urine stains. If you are unsure as to where the urine spots may be located there is no need to worry.  We can pinpoint where each urine stain is located by using our black light urine detector.  We will start working immediately to remove the urine and salts and restore your healthy indoor environment.  If the damage is extensive, we can pull up the carpet, remove and extract the urine from the affected portions, treating the fibers and the back of the carpet with enzymatic cleaning solution.  Enzyme based cleaning solutions are the only products that will break down the bacteria and ensure a bacteria free healthy home.  In the cases where the acid in the urine has permanently dyed the carpet there is no way to restore the color.  We can, however, re-dye or patch the area with carpet from a remnant or an inconspicuous area such as a closet.