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Post Construction Clean-up, Post Construction Cleaning. Our company offers Post Construction Cleaning, construction site clean-up, Las Vegas Post Construction Cleaning Service. Call us for deep cleaning, shop vacuuming, heavy duty dusting and after renovation or after construction cleaning. Las Vegas Janitorial Services is the best post construction cleaning company located in Las Vegas NV. Free estimates. We also offer junk removal, hauling, waste removal and property clean up services. Cost of Construction Cleanup Service? Free estimates! Call us today, book Construction Cleanup Service online or send us an email!



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Construction clean-up services are a specialty of Las Vegas Janitorial Services, your Las Vegas deep cleaning services company.

Whether it is a newly constructed site or a remodeling project, Las Vegas Janitorial Services, is the answer to a fully presentable space. Although the obvious construction debris might be cleaned up in the wake of a project, it is the small cleaning details that yield the site “finished.”
Lingering dust in the air that settles and small pieces of hidden debris must be addressed before your newly constructed or remodeled site is complete.

Las Vegas Janitorial Services, saves the contractor time and money by handling these time-consuming details. Our team of trustworthy cleaning professionals is fully committed to cleaning the construction area, as well as the surrounding rooms, were debris may land and dust may settle.
Las Vegas Janitorial Services is THE FINISHING TOUCH for your post-construction and remodeling clean-up. 

 Call Las Vegas Janitorial Services to begin your post-construction or remodeling clean-up.

  • Professional Training – Our Las Vegas construction clean-up services’ professionals are thoroughly trained in the safe use of cleaning supplies, chemicals, and equipment.
  • Trustworthy Cleaning Staff – Our cleaning professionals are fully bonded and insured. References are provided upon request.
  • Safety – We at   Las Vegas Janitorial Services, are cognizant of the safety of the surrounding residents during the cleaning process and guarantee that post-construction clean-up will bring an area up to its best possible condition. Our construction clean-up services staff is fully equipped to handle any hazard and has the tools and equipment to clean up most types of construction debris.
  • Healthy Environment – Upon request, our Las Vegas staff will use safe green products which have a positive impact on the environment.
  • Final Checklist – To ensure your satisfaction, our Las Vegas deep cleaning service company carefully notes the cleaning process with a check for the following: cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms; floor scrubbing, wall wiping, polishing of stainless steel and glass surfaces; dust removal from vents, lights, pipes, duct work; removal of deep stains from trim work and carpets; scrubbing, dusting, and vacuuming; cleaning of windowsills, picture frames and fixtures; interior glass cleaning of windows.
  • Flexible Scheduling – Our post-construction specialists can work directly with your contractor or construction company to accommodate your schedule.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – all work done by   Las Vegas Janitorial Services, is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. For post-construction or remodeling clean-up services in the Las Vegas area, call   Las Vegas Janitorial Services. The top cleaning services in Las Vegas,   Las Vegas Janitorial Services looks forward to meeting your professional cleaning needs!


A construction or remodeling project can leave any residential or commercial space in a state of turmoil. At Las Vegas Janitorial Services, we offer highly professional post-construction cleaning services at competitive Las Vegas Janitorial Services. Our holistic cleaning solutions ensure removal of dust and debris from even the most inaccessible of places. From more information about on our customized services, contact us.