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Looking For Restaurant Ceiling Cleaning Services Near Las Vegas NV? LAS VEGAS JANITORIAL SERVICES is the best cleaning services in and around Las Vegas NV. Las Vegas Janitorial Services will not only help you solve the cleaning and maintenance of several areas of your facility such as your acoustical ceiling restoration, lighting, walls and other areas/fixtures but you will improve the overall appearance and health of your facility. You will improve your operational expenses from previously contracting with several companies for multiple projects consolidated to one. Cost of Restaurant Ceiling Cleaning Services? Free estimates. Best Restaurant Ceiling Cleaning Service in Las Vegas NV.



Ceilings in kitchens and dining areas require frequent quarterly cleaning due to the effects of the cooking oils being heated to the point that they become fume and rise into the air.  In this state, when they make contact with the ceiling, walls and other fixtures they accumulate and cool.

This oil residue contains moisture and now becomes an attractive agent for microbial growth leading to the development of bacteria and mold spores that can be attributed to leading to health issues.

The only way to combat this is to limit the amount and duration of the oil molecules that accumulate over time by frequent cleaning. We only use USDA and OSHA approved cleaning solutions that are applied with the most efficient spray machines available on the market. This process is initiated only after all furniture, tables, appliances, etc have been covered and the ceiling thoroughly dusted beforehand to ensure all built up dust and debris is removed.

After spraying your ceiling the solution begins to immediately break down carbon, grease, cooking oils etc. and then all nonporous surfaces are wiped clean. Porous ceilings will have the foreign substances dissolved.  All cleaning is accomplished with extension poles and your ceiling tiles will all remain in place.

Once the cleaning aspect of the process has been completed with the ceilings wiped dry we will remove all the plastic that was laid out to protect the furniture and fixtures from falling debris. This process can be completed in just a few hours with no interruption to your business.

We can clean any style, type or sized ceiling.  No job is too small or too large for our professional crews to handle.

The Benefits of Restaurant Ceiling Cleaning

  1. Saves Money – You can have your ceilings cleaned multiple times for a fraction of the cost it takes to paint or replace the tiles. Extending the life of your ceiling.
  2. Improves Lighting – With dust and grime removed the natural reflective properties of the ceiling is restored allowing the entire room to present a much brighter more appealing appearance. You can see an instant improvement in lighting. Sometimes up to 60%!
  3. Improves Sound Reduction – By removing dust and grime the original acoustical benefit of porous ceiling tiles is restored creating an much more ambient sounding environment instead of one that is louder and tends to echo.
  4. Cleaner – Not only visually but the nose knows. After a thorough cleaning the environment will look and smell better.
  5. Improves Fire Rating – By removing the oil and dirt particles, accelerants, the original fire retarding properties of the ceiling tiles is restored. Cleaning not only is cheaper but is safer than painting because paint can actually aid in the spreading of flames.
  6. Saves Energy/Saves Money – Cleaner ceilings reflect more light requiring less energy.  Cleaner ceilings use less energy and put out less heat thus reducing the amount of cooled air required to maintain comfortable even temperatures. (Less hot spots/hot zones)